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Take on your TBR towers with your very own Challenge Sheet

If you want to record your OcTBR Challenge progress, you can download a copy of our OcTBR Challenge Sheet below. It's entirely optional, but we know that some TBR piles extend beyond printed books to audiobooks, ebooks, blog posts, and other things - so we wanted to help you keep track of your progress and give you something to share online to join in the fun, whatever you're reading. (Also you get to colour in the 'books' whenever you finish something, which is always cool.)

My OcTBR Challenge Sheet.jpg

Earn your badges, then share them with the world

Finished a new book, an old book, an audiobook or something else entirely? Save your badge image to your device and share it on social to show off your OcTBR Challenge achievements!

Badge1 - Over 50 years old_edited.jpg

Work over 50 years old

Badge3 - Audiobook or radioplay_edited.j

Audiobook or radioplay

Badge10 - Published in last 12 months_ed

Published in the last year

Badge4 - Nonfiction_edited.jpg

Non-fiction (any length)

Badge2 - Comic or Graphic Novel_edited.j

Comic book or graphic novel

Badge7 - Poetry or anthology_edited.jpg

Poetry or anthology

Badge8 - borrowed from a library_edited.

Borrowed from a library

Badge6 - Fiction of any
Badge9 - Been on your TBR for over a yea

Fiction (any length)

On your TBR pile for over a year

Badge11 - Make your own_edited.jpg

Download and create your own badge!

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