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What does your reading position say about you?


We hope you're all having a happy October and enjoying the OcTBR Challenge so far.

Life being what it is, this year has been a little chaotic for us. We're sorry for the lack of posts on here this month, but our wonderful Kate has written this little piece on reading positions and we thought it would be fun to share.

Do you have a favourite reading position - and what does it say about you? Here are our thoughts... feel free to let us know which one applies to you or if you have any we've missed! :)

Sat upright in a chair: Lawful and willing to follow the rules, you believe that there is a proper way, and a best way, for things to be done. You read one book at a time, all the way through, before starting anything new. You are organised, efficient, and always ready to meet the next challenge to come your way. You might be a little set in your ways, or even a tad old-fashioned, but you know that if a job needs doing, it’s worth doing right.

Curled up in a chair, chaise, or sofa: Quiet, hopeful and a little unsure of yourself, you like to keep your world close, comfortable and cosy. You probably have one or two besties, rather than a horde of friends, but that suits you just fine. You sometimes find it hard to fight off self-doubt, but your sensitivity makes you empathic, kind and the sort of person who cannot help but take in waifs and strays.

At a desk or table: Studious and full of curiosity, you’re the local know-it-all. That desk is probably situated in a library, or at the same cafe you go to every week to write poetry in between chapters. You always have a fact, study, or article up your sleeve, even if constantly out-thinking everyone can be a bit annoying. You talk at a hundred miles an hour, but you are brilliant in a crisis and always seem to know what to do.

Sat cross-legged on the floor or cushion: Playful and child-like in your innocent optimism, you are sunshiney, fresh and vibrant. You are always surrounded by swathes of friends, and are willing to try anything and everything. This can mean you are a bit flaky and scatty at times, but also means you have an open mind and an open heart. Be it an art class, yoga retreat, or army workout you are always up for something new.

Laying on your back: With a questioning mind, coupled with a chilled-out attitude, you are a real lateral thinker, who is never afraid to explore outside the box. You are a bit of a dreamer, even if this sometimes means your mind is away with the fairies, and are always thinking up new ways to fix things, make things, or do things differently. Like a butterfly, you flutter from one project to the next. The only problem is, with so many limitless ideas, you almost never see any of them through to the end.

Laying on your front: Romantic and hopeful, you have an uncanny ability to turn life into your own rom-com. You always see the good in everyone, and believe in destiny, soulmates, and the fact that true love conquers all. This can lead to drama, particularly when things go wrong, but it’s never long before you pick up the pieces and start looking towards the horizon at sunset, yearning for the next emotional journey.

In a multitude of changing positions and places: Quick-thinking and flighty, you have a mind that just will not quit. You probably have several books on the go at once, and can hold all the varying plots, characters and timelines in your head simultaneously without missing a beat. You almost always see things coming before they happen, because you’ve already worked out every possible scenario and outcome, both in what you read and real life. This can mean you’re quite an anxious, high-energy person, spinning many metaphorical plates, but it also makes you highly productive.

So, come on, do you feel called out or have we missed anything important? Let us know!

- Team OcTBR

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