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The OcTBR Challenge: 2020 Edition

Hello OcTBR Challengers!

Normally reaching this time of year would be exciting for most of us. We'd be doing cartwheels and dressing up as pumpkins and encouraging the spiders to hurry up with their cobwebs to save on decorations.

Of course, this is 2020. We're just relieved we've made it this far without the world literally melting into galactic fudge (or something far less palatable).

Like most of you, we're pretty exhausted. And yet as we stand on the cusp of the Best Month of the Year (TM), we knew we absolutely HAD to run the OcTBR Challenge again, because we so enjoyed last year.

So on Thursday 1 October the challenge will start again!

Follow us on Twitter (@OcTBRChallenge) where we'll be asking for photos of your TBR piles and having weekly chats (#OcTBRChat) and generally talking about the books we're reading and are excited about.

Or if you'd rather keep it a little quieter and do the challenge away from all the fuss, you can head straight to the downloadable challenge sheet and all the OcTBR badges on our 'Cool Things' page.

However you choose to join in with the OcTBR Challenge, we hope it's a bit of a break from *gestures to everything*. Good luck and have fun!

See you soon,

Kate, Anna, Dan

NOTE: there may be fewer blog and guest posts this year, simply because we're all snowed under. But we'll do our best to keep you entertained as much as we can. And, yes, there will still be prizes at the end of it all! :)

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