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Prizes and goodbyes (for now)

What a month it's been!

We kicked off with some fabulous photos of your TBR piles. Then knuckled down to get some serious reading and badge collecting done - while still popping up occasionally for our weekly OcTBR Chats.

It's been fun. Yet, through it all, we've been keeping a watchful eye out for those who really got into the spirit of the challenge and had even more fun with it than we did. And we wanted to offer our thanks in the form of some book prizes to add to your TBR piles for next year (we have to entice you back somehow, right?). So, after some deliberation behind the scenes, we now have our three main winners of the book boxes (from Sara Megibow and KT Literary)!!!!

Diane (@QuotidianWriter) - for being really engaged throughout the event and posting our first OcTBR Challenge TBR photo to have actual pumpkins in it. We loved this photo so much.

Anna (@orridge_anna) - for being super awesome in the OcTBR Chats from the very beginning, joining in all the discussions, and also giving us some great ideas for next year's challenge too.

Mike (@themikehm) - for getting involved so completely in every aspect and reading the most books of the challenge we've seen so far (19 - did anyone beat that?) and grabbing a whole load of badges along the way.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... we also had a couple of others who were similarly brilliant and engaged and supportive throughout the month and so we've decided to give them a prize each too. So thanks:

Rebecca (@RebeccaHalifax) - who also provided our first cat OcTBR photo and somehow got Joanne Harris to join in the chats!


Shauna (@shaunaLwrites) - who was also there from our very first OcTBR Chat and told us that she has only recently fallen back in love with reading, so we HAD to give her a book to encourage that even more. :)

We'll be in touch with our winners directly to organise getting you those prizes. And we'll also be shouting out some other brilliant challengers on Twitter who were a big part of the event to send you some OcTBR Challenge bookmarks!

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you for joining us. You are all true OcTBR Champions!! We hope you've had a great month reading and enjoyed the challenge. And, don't forget, if you happened to read anything you loved (or even simply liked), go and write a review to tell others about it!

Right, that's it from us. It's been a long month and now we're tired and going to hibernate until next October.

(Just kidding, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. *cracks knuckles*)

Happy reading, until next year.

- Kathryn, Anna and Dan

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