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A Quick Introduction to the OcTBR Challenge

UPDATE: This was a fun introductory video last year and in the spirit of recycling here it is again to tell you all about the Challenge and how it will work!

Hello and welcome to the OcTBR Challenge :)

As you know, this event is all about spending October reading through our towering To Be Read (TBR) piles of books, blog posts, audiobooks, ebooks, and whatever else it is we read. It's open to all and you can be as involved as you want (or not at all). We might do some fun things on Twitter. And there will definitely be some prizes for those really getting into the spirit of things.

However, as with anything new, sometimes it's tricky to grasp how things are going to work. We've tried to make this website as easy to understand as possible, but we know ideas can sometimes get confusing or lost in translation.

So here's our brilliant Kathryn with a little video to explain everything...

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