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2020 debuts: A quick interview with Andrea Stewart (The Bone Shard Daughter)

In this week's interview with a 2020 debut author, we are delighted to chat with the brilliant and lovely Andrea Stewart, author of the critically acclaimed The Bone Shard Daughter (Orbit) - which is out now!

1. Hi Andrea. You’re in an elevator chatting with your favourite film director and they ask what your book’s about. What’s your single line pitch to get them interested?

A disowned heir tries to get back in her father's good graces by uncovering his secrets and teaching herself his bone shard magic.

2. Who’s your protagonist and why did you enjoy writing about them?

There are actually five point-of-view characters, but the ones with the most time on the page are Lin and Jovis. Lin is the disowned heir who is struggling to regain her father's favor. Jovis is searching for his missing wife, though he soon finds himself distracted by the brewing revolution. I enjoyed writing each of them for different reasons. I loved writing Lin's determination and her cleverness - she definitely believes that if there's a will, there's a way. With Jovis, even though he's constantly dealing with the grief of his missing wife, he's got a wry sense of humor which I very much enjoyed writing. Like me, he tends to laugh at his own jokes.

3. If your protagonist had a favourite story, what would it be?

Lin would probably like Sherlock Holmes - the mysteries and the conclusions that he draws through observation. Jovis would be a big fan of Parks and Recreation.

4. Someone enjoyed a book and their friend says “well if you loved that, you’ll really love The Bone Shard Daughter!”. What’s the book and why will its fans enjoy yours?

I'd probably have to say The Poppy War. Both are Asian-inspired fantasies with strong, determined female leads. There are a lot of differences, but I think people who enjoyed The Poppy War would enjoy The Bone Shard Daughter!

5. What’s on your current TBR pile that you’re most excited to read and why?

I have The Mask of Mirrors on my TBR! It's not out until January 2021, but the description sounds like a ton of fun, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to digging into it!

Thanks so much to Andrea for taking the time to chat to us!

The Bone Shard Daughter is out now:

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